offset 2018 call for entries

Create an experimental artist book on the theme of offset.
This will be we love your books’ 14th international book arts exhibition.

For your entry to be considered for the 2018, curated, on-line exhibition it should be:
creative, innovative and very well crafted.

We are also specifically interested in experimental content and/or structure.

We accept book entries from anyone – professionals, students and/or hobbyists. There is no entry fee.

Your book can take any format and be any size but it must relate to the theme.

Associated words that you might like to use as starting points

To do with balance – counterbalanced / ballast / off centre / unbalanced / overbalanced / imbalanced /

To do with emptiness – nullify / nothing / cancel out / negate / vacate / void

To do with not lining up – misplaced / misaligned / misprinted / error / mistake / miss / slip / off-kilter / set-off / offset line / at an angle / parallel / offshoot / inexact

Essential info

  • Your book must have been created specifically for this exhibition and it must be crafted to a professional level.
  • Closing date for digital entries is July 1st 2018 – your photos must follow our guidelines and be accompanied by specific submission details.
  • Maximum of 3 photos of book and 3 photos of your design / sketchbook process
  • At this stage each photo must not be more than 1mb in size – larger images cause our email to crash and prevent other participants from being able to email us. Please be considerate and stick to the size limit.
  • Please title each digital file with your name and the image number e.g. Emma Powell 1, Emma Powell 2 etc.
  • You must also submit the online form information (see submission page on website) for your work to be considered. Where requested please limit your text to 50 words.